Arabia E-Advertising began its career as one of the first talent agencies, representing both established and emerging esports-focused broadcasting talent. We assist these specialized talents in maximizing the value they've created by connecting them with hundreds of brand partners who trust us. We can assist you whether you are looking to hire an on-air host for an event or need representation as a talent. 

Influencer Marketing Strategies

We develop innovative influencer marketing strategies with long-term potential and influencers at their core.

Influencer Matchmaking

For every brand there’s a perfect influencer and we always know where to find them. We connect you with influencers who get people talking, and acting.

Content Strategies

Our content strategies give influencers the freedom to be authentic on the platforms where they have most power. It’s not advertising - it’s storytelling.

Campaign Management

Our dedicated team of campaign and influencer managers offers hands-on support during the execution of your campaign.

Tracking & Measurement

We set goal-oriented and data-driven KPIs before the start of every campaign. That’s how we guarantee success. We measure progress from start to finish and provide you with transparent, tangible insights.

Social Media Advertising

Our digital marketing team uses paid media to support your influencer marketing campaign, ensuring the best possible results for your brand.

Production & Content Creation

By combining traditional productions with influencers, we are able to elevate your content creation to the next level.

Legal & Compliance

Our team of legal experts advice brands and influencers on relevant partnership disclosure regulations and ensures our influencer contracts cover the full scope of the collaboration.

Payment & Transaction Services

Our finance department takes care of all financial administration with influencers.


Our knowledgeable team is ready to walk you and your company through the influencer marketing process. We follow several predetermined procedures to define your KPIs and audience in order to design a successful campaign. We identify influencers that can help you reach your goals after we've determined your target audience. A step-by-step description of your next influencer campaign with us can be found below: 


Your Influencer Marketing Campaign will be focused on reaching your vision, mission, and attaining the objectives you established for us. We can alternatively work hand in hand on defining these same KPIs based on your business goals. 


We'll assist you in defining segments and personas so that you can design influencer marketing campaigns that reach the correct people. 


We will focus your Influencer Marketing Campaign based on your vision, mission and achieving the goals you set.


Depending on your platform of choice, our influencers and content creators build creative ad campaigns for your goods, managed by project leads dedicated to that promotion, and hitting all milestones of a brief.


In close cooperation with selected influencers, we ensure that the campaign is implemented as planned.


We track brand mentions, reach, and other key KPIs for your product launches, as well as the value of your social media awareness initiatives. 

Let the numbers speak

We have worked with over 40 international known brands, delivering an influencer pool of over 70 influencers, and have created a stunning 1 billion Impressions to this day, with over 200 campaigns signed. Our community, as well as our partnerships with prominent businesses, is continuously expanding.






Exclusive Influencers


Monthly Impressions



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